How can I connect profiles I've added to an existing branch?


If you know that a person's parents or spouse or other immediate family already exist on Geni, you don't have to create and merge a duplicate profile.  Once you're already connected to the big tree (or whatever isolated tree you're trying to add onto), you can use the Move This Person feature to connect them to another branch:


  1. Click or tap on the node of the person you would like to connect elsewhere to reveal the side panel. In the panel, click or tap "More" and select "Move Profile". 

  2.  This will add the node to the tray titled "Map These People". Next, navigate to the position in the tree where the person's immediate family already exists. 

  3. Then drag and drop the node on top of its immediate family member in the tree and select the appropriate relationship. 

  4. And you're done!  You've now connected two previously-separate branches.

Note: this same technique can be used to show how a person is connected in multiple places in the tree, for example two brothers married to two sisters or pedigree collapse.  For instructions on how to create such "cycles" in the tree, see: How can I show more than one relationship between the same two people?


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