My tree won't display, what should I do?

If you are having trouble displaying your tree, please try the following steps:
  • If you are not seeing the information (names, etc.) the nodes/boxes, please try clearing your cache
  • If the tree is blank, please hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and refresh the page to reload the tree
  • You might need to try another browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge)
  • If you are receiving an error message, please send a ticket for assistance*
If the tree is taking too long to load, you may be trying to display too many generations at once. Adjust the number of generations to display in your tree Preferences to load the tree faster. In the tree view, click the gear icon at the left of the screen and lower the number of generations to display.

*Note: The ability to submit tickets is a Geni Pro only feature. If you are a basic user, please go to Community Help forums for assistance.

Updated: March 1, 2022


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