How can I update parents?

There are a couple of ways you can update or change parents in the tree.

Edit Relationship

To change the parents for a person on your tree, first make sure that both parents have been added to the tree. Then click on the edit icon on the child's node within the tree.


Next select the "Relationships" tab.


Lastly, select the appropriate set of parents from the Parents drop down menu and save your changes.


Move Profile

If someone needs to be moved to a different branch altogether, you may use the "Move Profile" tool. Click on a node to open the side panel. Next click "More" and select "Move Profile."


You will then notice the node in your "Map These People" tray on the right-hand side of your tree.


Navigate your tree to the area you wish to add them to and drag the node to the place you wish to draw the connection. Drag and drop the child's node from the "Map These People" tray on top of the parent and select the appropriate relationship.


Next, choose the correct set of parents and click the "Submit" button.


Lastly, if you are using this method to move a child from an incorrect set of parents to the correct set of parents, be sure to remove the connection with the wrong set of parents by clicking on the edit icon on the child's node and select the "Relationship" tab. Check the box for the wrong set of parents and click the "Remove" button. Then save your changes. 


Updated: October 27, 2023

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