What is the World Family Tree?

The World Family Tree, also known as the "big tree" by longtime Geni users, is a single, shared family tree that connects all users.

The ultimate goal of Geni is to create the most comprehensive and accurate family tree of the world and we remain fully committed to this vision. For centuries, people have studied their family history in order to document their ancestors and find new relatives. However, there has never been a great way to share the results of this research with relatives, or collaborate together with others researching common relatives. As a result, the same ancestors are researched over and over again, often from scratch. By combining this research into a single tree that everyone can work on together, users can focus on verifying information and on new avenues of research, rather than spend their time duplicating research that somebody else has already done. Learn more about the World Family Tree.

You may view up-to-date stats for the World Family Tree here.

For more information, see these Geni projects:

Updated: September 11, 2015

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