The names on my tree look fuzzy or pixelated

Are the names in Tree View looking 'fuzzy' or 'pixelated' or otherwise kind of 'weird'? Does a name 'clear up' when the cursor is over it? Try this: (2 clicks, 2 keystrokes)

First, click on the gray top band area up near (not on) the Geni logo.

Then do a CTRL-"+" (Windows) or CMD-"+" (Mac) keystroke.

Then click again near (not on) the newly enlarged Geni logo.

Then do a CTRL-"0" [zero] (Windows) or CMD-"0" Mac) keystroke.

The display should be 'clean' after that. If for some reason it starts acting up again, then you need to "re-educate" the Flash as noted above.


The CMD-"+" (or CTRL-"+") ... as a single keystroke ... causes the browser to "zoom" the view. The CMD-"0" (again, a single keystroke) causes the browser to reset to a 100% viewing size. The Flash software doesn't always behave nicely at anything other than 100% view.

Note: CMD is also known as the 'flower' key on the MAC; CTRL is the "Control" key on a PC keyboard.

That is only two key strokes, not four. Hold the CMD (or CTRL) key, and then hit the "+" or "0" key.

The Flash software sometimes loses track of the 'scaling' that should be used. Those actions (anything that causes the browser to 'reset' from something else back to 100% view) should "fix" the viewing issues.

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