What is a Master Profile?

A Master Profile is the standard, most comprehensive and accurate profile for a given person. Other profiles for the same person are secondary and should eventually be merged into the Master Profile.

Curators have the ability to designate profiles as Master Profiles. In order to protect the integrity of the profile's data and prevent incorrect merges, Curators may either lock individual fields of a Master Profile or lock the profile entirely. If you would like to edit a locked field, please contact the Curator of the profile.

Public profiles in the World Family Tree or in the same tree as a curator can be made into Master Profiles.

Curators may also send a Master Profile request to the managers of private profiles. By accepting the request, the profile manager grants permission to make the profile a Master Profile. The Curator who submitted the request will become the Curator of the profile.

Note: the profile will become public once the Master Profile request is accepted

Updated: February 13, 2014

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