How do I control what is listed publicly?

You control the search privacy of your profile and every unclaimed private profile you have added to Geni (NOTE: This means that as soon as someone joins Geni, they now control their search privacy).

You can control search privacy with the following settings:

  • Account Settings->Profile Privacy-> Check or Uncheck the box next to: "Let the public search for me (profile privacy settings apply)'
  • Account Settings->Profile Privacy-> Check or Uncheck the boxes next to the information you would like to share - This determines what information in your profile is included in our public search index, if any. 

We allow Google to index our public search index. This means that if a profile is included in our public search results, it may also appear in Google search results.

We do not control if or when Google may index our search results, so your results may continue to appear in Google search results after they have been removed from ours. They should disappear from Google results next time Google indexes our search results.

Google results include a link to a profile. What you will see when you click on that link will vary depending on your permission to view that link. For example, if the link is for a profile you have added, you may see the entire profile, while someone else clicking the same link may see a limited profile.

Please make sure you have not only logged out but also cleared your cookies before viewing that same link again. If updated correctly, no information should show and your names would read as "<private> Lastname” where applicable.

If you are not publicly listed, only the profiles which are marked Public (in your tree) or those who have claimed their account and enabled search (via their Permissions settings) will have their names displayed publicly.

Updated: August 30, 2019

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