What are public profiles?

Public profiles are intended for deceased relatives and public figures. 

Because your more distant ancestors have many descendants, there are probably other Geni users also related to these profiles. In order to enable greater collaboration on these profiles, they are public profiles. Public profiles can be viewed by anyone, and are included in our public search index.

Your collaborators, your family group, project collaborators, users near the managed profile and Curators may edit them. All Geni users that do not meet the criteria for any other group listed may edit the "Basics" and "Relationships" tabs, as well as the "About" biography, on profiles that are either connected to Geni's World Family Tree or in the same tree as the user.

Deceased profiles may be made public or private, however profiles of people born more than 150 years ago should be public.  Additionally, profiles that are marked living but born more than 125 years ago are "presumed deceased" and may be public.

You can identify which profiles are public by the green globe at the end of the name on the profile page, or by the green border around the profile photo / silhouette in the tree view:


Please view our privacy page for a visual aide. 


Updated: June 11, 2024

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