How do I exclude profiles I manage from MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™?

SuperSearch™ is now indexing certain Geni profiles to make them discoverable in SuperSearch™ and matchable to MyHeritage profiles. Note that for private profiles of your living relatives, only the last name is indexed, to protect privacy. We recommend that you include profiles you manage in SuperSearch™ to help relatives on MyHeritage find you.

However, you may choose to opt out of this feature in your Account Settings. Should you choose to turn this setting off, relatives will not be able to discover your family tree through MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™ results or Smart Matches™.

To exclude the profiles you manage from MyHeritage’s SuperSearch™ results, follow these steps:

  1. In your Account Settings, click “Managed Profiles

  2. Uncheck the checkbox next to “Include private profiles I manage in MyHeritage SuperSearch™"

  3. Click “Save Changes”

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