How do I enable translations on Geni?

Geni's user base is truly international, with family trees extending around the globe. Letting users around the world use Geni in their native language is an important step towards our goal of creating a single family tree of the entire world and eventually, we hope to get Geni 100% translated into every language we support. You can help us in these efforts by translating Geni into your language. Please follow the steps below to begin translating now.

1. Switch your language 

To switch your language, click on your name at the top right corner of the page and select "Change Language"


2. Select your language and click "Enable Inline Translations" 


3. To begin translations, right click on a phrase and enter your translation. Click "Translate."

Text underlined in red indicate the phrases that require translation. Text underlined in green indicate translated phrases.


4. Now the phrase is translated on the site.


To ensure the quality of the translations, translators may vote up or down submitted translations. As translations are voted up and down, a translator’s ranking also goes up or down. If a translation is voted below 0, the phrase will once again appear untranslated until a better translation is provided. If you vote down a translation, you may wish to add a new or better translation for the phrase. Translation managers may lock phrases to prevent further changes to a translation.


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