What is an Inactive Manager?

(Note: this feature was called "Abandoned Tree" prior to October 2019)

A profile manager is considered inactive if he or she has not logged into Geni in the past 9 months.  This can pose a problem on private profiles, because there may be no manager responding to merge requests, questions about profile information, etc.  Users may report these inactive managers in order to prompt the system to assign another manager who can collaborate on such requests.

The following actions are taken when resolving an Inactive Manager report:

  • Profiles managed by the inactive manager that are deceased and born more than 150 years ago are made public

  • Private profiles managed solely by the inactive manager or where all managers are inactive, are assigned an addition manager if one can be found (either the person who added the inactive manager to Geni, or a nearby family member)

  • If an additional manager cannot be found, then management of these private profiles will not change

Steps to report an inactive manager:

  1. Navigate to the profile page of the inactive manager

  2. Click Actions

  3. Choose Inactive Manager

  4. The option to report a profile as inactive will not appear if the user has logged into their account in the past  9 months or if the profile was already reported as inactive in the past 7 days. 

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