What permissions do Curators have in my tree?

Curators have the following permissions in your tree:
  1. Full view and edit permissions for any profile, including private profiles, so they can assist you at your request
  2. Approve merges to facilitate the growth and maintenance of the World Family Tree. Learn more about the World Family Tree.
  3. Convert historical living profiles to deceased
  4. Convert deceased famous and historical profiles to public
  5. Designate Master Profiles, and optionally, lock fields from being edited and add Curator notes to the profile
Curators were awarded these permissions because of the great track record they had with their previous permissions and the significant impact they have had on the on the quality of the data on Geni. They will be using these permissions  to assist users when you need hands on assistance to fix errors, clean up your tree and to better assist you with your genealogical research.

Updated: March 20, 2015
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