What are the benefits of Record Matches and Smart Matches™?

Geni is committed to building the World's Largest and Highest Quality Family Tree. Adding historical records is key to building the most accurate, sourced and documented family tree of the world. When you add a record like a birth certificate or a newspaper article to a relative, everyone else on your tree immediately benefits.

Record Matches and Smart Matches are:

  • Automatic - saves you considerable research time 
  • Systematic - people in your family tree are compared to every historical record and family tree 
  • Accurate - extremely high rate of accuracy, with a special system to reduce false positives 
  • Massive - covering 1.2 billion family tree profiles and 4+ billion worldwide records - such as birth, marriage and death records, gravestone photos, burial, census, military and immigration records, newspapers, books and other documents 
  • Polyglotic - uses synonyms, phonetics and international variations to accurately match names 
  • Flexible - matches can be reviewed by person, sorted, confirmed or rejected 
  • Convenient – matches can be associated with your tree in one click

You may also contact the Site Manager of your Smart Matches to easily connect with a new relative and exchange more information.

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