I've linked my FTDNA account but my Geni profile shows no results. Why not?

Transferring your Family Tree DNA results to Geni typically takes as little as a few seconds, to maybe a few minutes.  The following reasons may explain why your DNA test results did not transfer:

  1. Your Family Tree DNA kit has not yet been processed.  In this case you would have no results on Family Tree DNA's web site, either.  You should wait until your test results have posted to Family Tree DNA's web site and then re-link your account.

  2. Your Family Tree DNA kit is a transfer from a National Geographic Genographic Project test.  These transfers do not have the Y-STR markers or mitochondrial mutations that Geni needs for those DNA test types.  You may be able to get autosomal matches, but only if you have uploaded your transfer file to Family Tree DNA .


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