Problem with a page on Geni?

Geni's profiles and family trees consist of information provided by our users. While our Terms of Use caution users about copyright violations, respecting local privacy laws, and good Internet citizenship, sometimes information finds its way to Geni when it shouldn't be here.  Our Customer Support team can assist you with such issues, and you do not even need to create a Geni account to get help. Here's how:

1. Copy the link of the page where you've found the offending information. This is most easily done using the "sharing" icon in our header, and the "Copy link" icon as shown below:

(alternatively, you can select the text in your browser address bar that starts with and copy that text to your clipboard)

2. Is this a privacy or copyright concern? If so, email the link and a description of the problem (including the offending image / text if copyright) to -- for all other matters, email the link and a description of the problem to   (Note: if you find factually-incorrect information, you should create a free account and help fix it!)

You should receive an automated response from our help ticketing system, including a ticket number for your issue. Our support staff generally responds to such matters within two business days (Monday - Friday, excepting major U.S. holidays).


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