What is the "GEDCOM import in progress" icon in the tree?

In order to prevent duplication with profiles already on Geni, the GEDCOM importer will initially import five generations of ancestors and their siblings, and then will automatically continue the import on branches that do not have matches. There may be dozens or even hundreds of continuation points, so it may take awhile to get to them all. While the import on these branches is pending, it's best that no one add onto these profiles because that may duplicate profiles that have yet to be imported. In order to communicate this to you and others who view the tree, these pending-import branches are marked with an icon in the tree:


If the pending import is yours, you will be given the option to skip the remaining import on this branch. Otherwise, you will see only the warning message.

Note: in the event that the importer has stopped on conflicts that are never resolved, this notification will disappear after two weeks.

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