What is the "Children have different last names" inconsistency?

The Geni Consistency Checker will report "Children have different last names" on any profile that has one or more children whose last names appear to not match the parent, when it should.  There are many exceptions to this check, including:

  • children who have no last name (regardless of birth surname)
  • children whose last name matches their spouse
  • children with patronymic names
  • parents with no last name and no birth surname

Note that the child's birth surname and last name (in all languages) are compared against the parent's last name and "Also Known As" (in all languages) to find any overlap.

inconsistency_info.png This inconsistency is always considered Informational

Auto-fix: There is no auto-fix for this inconsistency.  It's possible the child's last name or birth surname is incorrect or misspelled, or the parent's last name is incorrect or misspelled, or perhaps this child has been assigned the wrong set of parents.

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