What is the "Birth surname looks like married name" inconsistency?

The Geni Consistency Checker will report "Birth surname looks like married name" on profiles whose birth surname field matches their spouse but not their parents.  This inconsistency will not be triggered by profiles of people who did not change their name when they married, it only applies to the married name appearing in the wrong field.  (Married names, if any, are expected to appear in the Last Name field).

Note: profiles with patronymic surnames are exempted from this check.

inconsistency_warning.png This inconsistency is always considered a Warning

Auto-fix: Click the button labeled "Move <surname> to the last name field" to put the married name into the Last Name field.  Note that you may also need to set the Birth Surname field to match the parents, or else you will get a Missing Birth Surname inconsistency next.

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