What is the Geni Consistency Checker?

The consistency checker (released November 2019) constantly monitors profiles you may be interested in for common errors or other conditions that may indicate a mistake in the tree.  Inconsistencies are presented on the profile and in the tree view, as well as grouped together under the Research menu.  They can also be viewed for any relationship path that Geni displays.

See "How to Resolve Inconsistencies" for instructions on correcting the information or ignoring an inconsistency.

There are 27 types of inconsistencies that are checked:

Alive too old
Birth after death
Child born after parent death
Child older than parent
Children with different last names
Birth surname looks like married name
Date in future
Death place resembles cause
Died too old
Event after death
Event before birth
Has no relatives
Large spouse age difference
Married too young
Missing birth surname
Own ancestor
Place resembles date
Sibling too close
Siblings with same first name
Suffix in name
Tagged in photo before birth
Title in name
Too old parent
Too young parent
Two digit year
Unrecognized suffix
Unrecognized title

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