What is the "Year entered only has two digits" inconsistency?

The Geni Consistency Checker will report "Year entered only has two digits" on any profile with a life event (birth, death, marriage, etc.) with a two-digit year.  This is often a mistake of omitting the century, for example "born in 46" when the correct year should have been 1946.  

Why not 1-digit years?  Single-digit years are less-commonly mistakes, and Geni does have profiles that go back as far as the first century, so single-digit years are ignored.  Master Profiles are also exempt from this check, as they have been vetted by a curator and many first-century profiles are expected to be Master Profiles.

inconsistency_warning.png This inconsistency is always considered a Warning

Auto-fix: There is no auto-fix for this inconsistency, but most fixes will entail editing the event to add the correct century.  If indeed this is a first-century profile, you should mark this inconsistency correct by clicking the "Ignore" link at the bottom-right corner of the inconsistency and then choosing "Mark this correct for all users."

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