How can I use the Consistency Checker to verify a relationship on Geni?

In addition to checking profiles near you (or that you manage), the Consistency Checker can be used to decide whether or not a relationship path on Geni should be considered accurate.  Here's how:

Geni will show you the relationship between you (or another profile, if you use the green push-pin) and the profile you're currently viewing.  In this example, Adam Levine is reportedly Gwen Stefani's 24th cousin five times removed:



Click the < icon (on the right) to expand the relationship path, and notice the "Consistency Check" link at the bottom left of the expanded path:



When you click the Consistency Check link, Geni will show you all inconsistencies along the relationship path -- any serious inconsistencies (such as "Child born after parent death" shown below) may be reason to suspect the tree needs more work before this relationship can be considered reliable.  



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