Can curators edit and merge private profiles?

As shown on our privacy page, in order to assist our users who need help Geni curators have the ability to view and edit private profiles.  Curators have been vetted and must sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to be granted curator status.  This non-disclosure agreement protects your privacy by legally prohibiting them from using or sharing information they may see when viewing private profiles.

However, curators are instructed to not edit or merge private profiles unless requested to do so by an immediate family member or someone who would be able to edit or merge, themselves.  Please do not ask curators to edit and merge private profiles unless one or more of the following is true:

  1. The profile depicts you or an immediate family member who is not a Geni user themselves;
  2. You are able to edit and merge the profile yourself, but need technical help;
  3. The profile clearly depicts someone born more than 150 years ago (see What profiles are private?) and should be public anyway.

 If you feel a curator has edited or merged private profiles you manage without authorization, please email and we will investigate.

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