How do I view Ancestor/Descendant reports?

Ancestor and Descendant reports provide you with a compact list of a profile's direct ancestors or descendants up to 20 generations. You may export an Ancestor or Descendant report as a PDF to save to your computer, print, or share with others.

To view a profile's Ancestor and Descendant report, click the "Actions" button on the profile and choose which report you would like to see from the menu options.


You can also quickly access the reports from profile hovercards in the Actions menu. Simply hover your mouse over the profile link and select "Actions."


Then choose which report you would like to view.


The report will include profile names, birth and death dates and locations for each ancestor or descendant. Each number in the report indicates a new generation.

The Ancestor report will start with the focus person and move back through generations as you go down the list.


The Descendant report will start at the focus person and move forward in time to the most recent generations.


The report will display 4 generations by default. You can adjust the number of generations to display by dragging the slider or manually inputting the number of generations. To export a PDF of the report to your computer, simply click "Export PDF." 


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