MFA access lost and no way to reset it

Some months back, I set up MFA but never once got prompted for it when logging on from multiple devices, browsers or IP's.

About a montn ago, I had to reset my phone and lost my 'Autheticator' settings but thought nothing of it, as I was not being prompted to provide a code to geni.

Yesterday, for teh firts time ever, MFA kicked in and now I cannot login to my main account (This is not it) nor can I reset MFA, nor can I raise a ticket with geni without paying for the pro membership (I have had a full subscription to geni's parent company -my heritage, for nearly 5 years - maybe longer). 

This must surely be a bug, since MFA should have been working from the get go,a nd not randonly kicked in out of the blue, months later like it has. 


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