Search Results are Still Not Complete

When I try to search for Geni profiles, the search results have improved somewhat in the past 48 hours or so.  However, when I try to search for Geni profiles, it still does not give complete results.  For example, two weeks ago when I searched for profiles with the name "Weiner" who were BORN in the country of Czechia, there would be about 640 results.  Now, when I use the same exact search criteria, that is profiles with the name "Weiner" born in Czechia, I only get 449 results.  I spelled the name "Weiner" EXACTLY the same two weeks ago as I did now.  I know that "Weiner" can be spelled either "Wiener" or "Weiner", but both when I got 640 results two weeks ago, and now when I get only 449 results I spelled it "Weiner" both times.  Please fix this so the search results are COMPLETE.


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