Profiles in GEDCOM missing after import completed

I imported a GEDCOM file with ~15000 individuals.

My GEDCOM import contains Joanna Maria Smulders
She was imported as  profile id 6000000191596567853, and merged (https://www.geni.com/merge/view?revision_id=83465668890) with Anna Maria Smulders

Mij GEDCOM file has individual "Anna Maria Smulders" with parents "Theodorus Joannes Smulders" en "Jacoba Hendriks Verploegen"

However, the parents do not seem to have been imported, neither in the original, nor in the merged profile.

I presume this is a bug in the import mechanics somehow, as I did not skip any of the profiles during import in the import screen.

- Why are these not imported?
- How do I find out at which other tree locations this happened?

It gives me the feeling the GEDCOM import is unreliable.

Do I have to check all of the ~10000 new profiles?


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