Relationship fix

This site is a mess.  I entered my mother and this site put her as my fathers mother and I cannot change it.  I am 100% certain I added as my mother twice and both times it is saying she is my grandmother and I cannot fix it.  Now it is telling me I have inconsistencies...well DUH...  She's my mother not grandmother...my father's wife not his mother.  This is the most ridiculous site I have ever tried to use.  You cannot change something so simple as a relationship which I didn't even enter wrong.  I KNOW I told it to add my mother.  My father was born in 1927,  There is no way his mother would still be alive today...so FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am done...this is ridiculous stupid that I have to ask to have my parents fixed...Three people is all I have entered. I cannot imagine how mad I will be if I keep trying to use this...


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