Pedigree Collapse Feature Needed

when you are related to the same people different ways a glitch occurs in the Geni program.  I realize that Geni always looks for the shortest path to a person you are related to but it also creates glitches when you related to that person a few different ways.  For example I was working on my Percy Ancestors. I could only go so far with the Percy Grandparents before Geni turned a Grandparent into a Cousin. This happened because that particular Grandparent was a direct lineal Grandparent Ancestor through my Paternal Grandfather but a Cousin through my Paternal Grandmother.  Because I am also related to a Sibling of that person farther up the tree Geni grabbed onto that instead and ignored that this was a Grandparent firstly and a Cousin secondly. When I get up to Edward iii and Philippa they are Grandparents 4 x each through their Children down to my Paternal Grandparents. That makes them related multiple ways from Grandparents to Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. If Geni had a feature that showed all the ways you are related to a person rather then just the shortest path then it be more relevant and possibly remove glitches like having your 17th Grandfather turned into a 3rd cousin 16 x removed when you know he's your 17th Grandfather. Sooner or later, we all get to Pedigree Collapse and because that is relevant, it should be formatted into the Geni program. Thanks so much for doing as much as you do and making possible what is already done. I hope my request is not frivolous as Geni already does a lot, I'm just frustrated. Thank you.


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