Save & Close button stopped working in Flash tree today


Suddenly today the Save & Close button stopped working in the Flash tree. Very annoying. Immediately when I add a spouse from tree view I want to edit and add the wedding date. But nothing happens when I click on the blue Save & Close button, so I must go to the actual profile page, Edit Profile, tab Relationships. There the Save & Close button still works, but this is a long work-around while adding many profiles. It's the same problem with all other changes from tree view. I can't change living to deceased or change current location from tree view, because it doesn't save anymore.

A few hours ago this worked fine but not anymore.

I tried several browsers (Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100 and Firefox 62.0.3) with the same problem. I have Adobe Flash Player (64-bit).

Quite annoying bug, urgent to solve!


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