Gedcom imports makes troubles

Allowing Gedcom imports is a terrible feature. In Finland we have a big tree and projects. These new Gedcom imports makes a lot of merges. We have made here a lot of work to get tree liable, adding original sourses etc

I take now out a gedcom from my ancestors and also other tree I have made, if I manage. I am not alone with those thoughts. We want geni to be quality, liable tree and worked to make it better.

I am not sure, if I want to be any more in Geni. I have made hours and hours work to merge and correct other peoples profiles and adding original sourses, not links to MH.

I think, that allowing GEDCOM in Finland is a big bug. One family (two generation) is OK, but not a tree including hundreds of profiles. We need to correct any way those profiles, because birthplaces goes to wrong boxes in Geni. Also there are problem with names.

IT specialist





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