“Blood relationship” paths are not actually limited to blood relationships

I really like the new feature of having both a blood relationship and an in‐law relationship calculated and displayed. Unfortunately, the “blood relationship” calculated by Geni will sometimes show a path that isn’t a blood relationship. Specifically, when Geni can find a common ancestor path that goes through an adoption, it seems that Geni will use that as the “blood relationship” path in preference to a longer path that is genuinely a blood relationship.

I am confident that it would be fairly simple to program this system to make sure that the blood relationship path avoids using connections that are recorded on Geni as being adoptive or foster relationships (obviously it would be unable to avoid cases where Geni contributors have entered an adoptive relationship without specifying on Geni that it is adoptive rather than biological, but that is a separate issue). I can understand why this was not done before, when only one path was calculated and stored, but now that Geni calculates two paths and specifically refers to one of them as a “blood relationship”, this has become a bug that ought to be corrected.


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