Can't remove unrelated Manager

My old Geni tree was based off a rough GEDCOM export in an account that I'd set up ten years ago. I was reminded today when I got an anniversary notice for my Aunt's first marriage... but she died several years ago. I now see that I can't delete incorrect profiles because one of my wife's in-laws has gotten himself attached as manager to my father's family (so to clarify: no blood relation at all), and when I click to remove him I get an error message of "Error: Method Not Allowed | Only POST requests are allowed."

So I figured I'd try uploading my accurate GEDCOM from Ancestry.com, but when I did that it said I needed to fix a "conflict" with another profile for my uncle's first wife... and, of course, I need to pay for that feature.

I'm more than happy to spending time fixing your universal world tree if you comp me the membership that's required to do GEDCOM imports, but in reading through the forums it seems there are special "curators" who go through and break it again so that doesn't have much appeal to me.

It looks like my other alternative is to delete my own profile, abandon my incorrect tree and let a bunch of inaccurate information float around on the Web? I've already discovered that I can't permanently delete my children's records because, apparently this other person has attached himself to them as well?

And it looks like manually correcting my tree under the free membership isn't really possible because it's going to keep insisting that I pay to sync them up with other information that may or may not be incorrect?

What I'm really looking for a is a "delete my tree" option but it seems that's impossible because my tree is allegedly part of others' trees... except that it's not, and I can guarantee you that my wife's cousin isn't interested in managing my Dad's uncles' relationships.  If you value accurate information, then isn't there a simple way to clear the inaccurate stuff out without relying on curators to make the situation even worse?

Summary: How do I completely delete the parts of my tree that aren't incorporated into the work of any other blood relative?


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