Problems: Line break, creating lists

Line break does not work properly. The result looks OK, but the contents is not normal. Text continues after the break, if I've chosen "Edit":

Viipurin maaseurakunnan arkisto - Lastenkirjat VII 1910-1919 (I Ab:31, tilattomat R - S), jakso 337, sivu 694-695: Sorsa, Soronen; Kansallisarkisto: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=2257154 / Viitattu 10.8.2021<br/>''Irja Annikki, Liisa Kyllikki, Martti Johannes.''


I can't create numbered or other lists. If I make a numbered list, for example, of someone's children, the result looks like this:

# Peter # Paul # Mary

Both these started yesterday. FIX ASAP, please!



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