Slide out shows different information than tree

A woman in my tree seems to have a father, that she does not have. The slide out shows correct information, but the tree itself shows a father to her.

In the same view, the woman who is his child, has this father in the slide out but not in the tree. 

Link to view https://www.geni.com/family-tree/index/6000000177753992821 

This is what is wrong in other words: Anders Wallskog seems to be the father in the tree to Kierstin Persson (Gabrielsdotter). This is wrong. When clicking on Anders Wallskog, the slide out shows that he has no child named Kierstin, he is father of Petter Wallskog and Maria Andersdotter Wallskog. Both these persons are in the tree, but in the tree we cant see that Anders is father of Maria. 

I have tried to delete Anders Wallskog but the problem remains when I then create him. When I tried to create him at some point as father of maria, it created two dads to her. 


Besides, there are some people that are private in this tree, if it would be possible to make them dead+public that would be great.


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