Factual error in your system showing ancestors

Dear Sir,

NN Olofsdotter Takku (1505-45) is my 14th great grandmother like her husband Henrik Henriksson Hordeel (1520-60). Their son Knut Henriksson Uotila  is my 13th grandfather. When I open her profile it shows, however, that she is only my 12. great aunt, not my 14th great grandmother. In the geni list of my grandparents she is stated as my 14th great grandmother but her ancestors are not listed as my grandparents. That is a clear system error.

I have another similar case concerning Walborg Jacobsdotter Hannula (née Eskola, 1620-69) mentioned in her profile as my 9. great aunt. Her husband Sigfrid Simonsson Hannula (1619-70) is my 10th great grandfather and their daughter Maria  my 9th great grandmother. 

However, in this case the brother of Walborg, Johan Eskola (1632-97) is my 8th great grandfather and all their ancestrors are listed as my grandparents.

So why does your profile system fail in those cases to show persons as proper ancestors and furthermore removes their ancestors from the list of grandparents ?

Kind regards,

Esko Kullervo Elo (Finland)

(Please do not mind that the person names are indicated in those  tprofiles in Finnish forms, the Swedish ones are in smaller print below them).

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