Source Conflicts "Bug"?

It's great to see that Geni has added the source conflict feature. It has already notified me of a nuber of "source conflicts". However, I'm not at all sure that these particular conflicts should be considered as "conflicts".

On my own profile, I was notified that there are six source conflicts. All are considered conflicts because my "Occupation" is currently listed as "Retired" and other source entries list various other occupations I had over many years. Based correctly in time, all are actually correct.

While many people have the same occupation over their entire lives (something increasingly likely to be true the further back in time one's research goes), many people have differing occupations over their lifetimes.

Geni's system allows for the entry of multiple organizations and positions over time via the "Work" tab in a profile. Marking the various positions held over time as "occupation" in a source results in a source conflict with the "occupation" field.

Perhaps that particular conflict should be ignored, or somehow modified to allow for it to be marked as "time period" correct?


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