Y DNA - reports inconsistencies in error


Our family has four tests at big Y and we have entered three of them.  We have the family clade of J-FTA83121 and a subclade of J-FTA848421 by three of our family at https://www.geni.com/people/John-HUNT-of-Glangoole/5303276350920119834?through=6000000020932031418

John of Glangoole has only one brother, Henry of Ligadoon from who the fouth sample comes from.

There should be no inconsistency report as the SNP and even moreso the clade results supersede the STRs (which actually according to all experts is square in the middle of the range anyway).  The average PVs for the three and then for the four of us are only 4 for interest sake which fits perfectly,


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