Say it isn't so

I've been working on my tree, off and on, since 2008 I'm noticing that when I add people, they are not showing up on my tree. Then I noticed other people were not saved. I searched the problem on the net and read that once I add a person, it's basically out of my hands. This is a "World tree now". Anything I put on here is up for grabs. Is this true? I have a life. I am not a professional researcher. Nor do I want to be. I am not spending endless hours researching and going to the library and the courthouse, looking for documentation, pouring over birth certificates etc. This is a casual project for me. I am not looking to have another bill to pay by going Pro. I have nothing against Geni making money. If having someone able to change my work is the price I have to pay for this free site, I understand and I will log off and forget it. If this is true, if there's nothing I can do to keep my tree the way I want it, to keep the "World community" from changing my tree, I'd rather know now, before I put even more work into this. The odd thing about what caught my attention, is the additions were JUST added minutes ago. Now they are gone. I tried refreshing the page. When I click on the "Mother", the kids are there in her profile. They just don't show on the tree. But before I knock myself out, I want to know if I have control over my work. I'm not doing the work I do, only to watch a paying member, or anyone else, hijack my work. Please help. Thank you.


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