I received an email stating my password was found on the "dark web." What does this mean?

The "dark web" refers to web content that is hidden from view from regular users, and which requires specific tools or authorization to access.  It is often used by hackers to exchange illegally-obtained information such as compromised account IDs and passwords.  

In order to ensure the safety of our users' accounts, our company's security team monitors the dark web to look for passwords associated with our users' email addresses.  Note that these may not necessarily be Geni passwords, but because password reuse is prevalent it's a good idea to be cautious about any such leak.

Does this mean Geni was hacked?  No, receiving this email is NOT an indication that Geni's security has been compromised.  It might be that ANY site you logged into was compromised, or that your own computer has been infected with malware that monitors what you type into login form, logs your keystrokes, etc.  If you have received this email from Geni, it is a good idea to scan your computer for viruses or unwanted browser plugins / extensions, as well as change your passwords throughout the web.  Do not use the same password on multiple sites.  We recommend the use of a password manager to generate unique, strong passwords.


Can Geni tell me which password was found?  Unfortunately, no -- for security reasons we do not obtain the password from our security team, nor can we share what was found.


What do I need to do with my Geni account?  Your account has been locked until you reset your password.  The email you received will contain a link that will start this process.  Note that once you request a link to reset your password, you will have a limited amount of time to click the link that is emailed to you.





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