What is a Merge Request?

Merging is a great way to grow your Tree and gain insight from other Geni users.  A request to Merge is sent to facilitate the merging of two profiles on Geni as well as their corresponding trees. Profile merges are the first step in merging your Tree with another user on the site, combining the data and connections from both Trees into one.

Use your Merge Center to see all pending merges. From here you may view, complete or undo any pending merge. If you do accept and complete the profile merge note that you are combining two profiles into one. Therefore, you may wish to contact the other manager before merging to verify the information on both profiles and Trees.

Note: Once the profile merge is completed, you and the other manager will then co-manage that profile on a shared/connected tree. 

Update: As of November 2012, merging profiles is free for everyone. Note tree matches remain a Pro feature.

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