What are data conflicts and how do I resolve them?

Data conflicts arise when two profiles are merged but some of the information did not match. Instead of discarding any information, we allow you to review these conflicts and choose the correct data to keep. The information you select will then appear on the profile page.

You can find all the data conflicts in your tree by going to your Merge Center and selecting the Data Conflicts tab. Or you can view the data conflicts for an individual profile by simply clicking on the ‘Actions’ button and selecting ‘Resolve Conflicting Data.”


You will then be able to review all the fields that hold conflicting information after the merge. Simply click on the data you want to keep on the profile and save. Once you are done, all the best information for the profile will appear on the main profile page.


Note: You must have permission to edit the profile in order to resolve conflicts. If a profile is claimed, only the profile owner may complete their conflicting data information. You may send a request to the profile owner or manager to complete the conflict on their profile.

Updated: February 23, 2016

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