How do I merge duplicate profiles?

There are several ways to merge profiles:

Invite a relative with their email address

Here is what you will do:

  • Add them to your tree
  • Invite them using the same email address they used on their other tree

Here is what they will do:

  • Receive a request to join your tree (the same request will indicate that you are asking to merge their tree with yours)
  • They will accept the request

Then once the trees have been merged:

  • Everyone in the shared tree can assist with merging all duplicate profiles (removal of these duplicates will result is loss of lots of hard work)

Drag and drop profiles in the Flash version of the tree

  • To merge duplicates in the Flash version of the tree, use the ‘Move this Person’ button found in the 'more' link of a node on your tree. (For steps using the HTML version of the tree please click here.)

Creating_a_cycle_-_more.png  Creating_a_cycle_-_move_this_person.png  

  • This will add the node to the 'Map These People' tray, found on the side of your Tree view.


  • Then drag the node onto the duplicate person and select "They're the same person"


Drag and drop profiles in the HTML version of the tree

  • To merge duplicates in the HTML version of the tree, click or tap on the node of the person you would like to move to reveal the side panel. In the panel, click or tap "More" and select "Move Profile". (For steps using the Flash version of the tree please click here.)


  • This will add the node to the tray titled "Map These People". Navigate to the correct position in the tree where the person should be. 


  • Then drag and drop the node on top of its related family member in the tree and select the appropriate relationship. 


"Resolve Duplicates" in the Tree

To resolve duplicates for a profile’s immediate family, click on the person’s node in the tree to open the side panel. Click “More” and select “Resolve Duplicates.”


Next drag-and-drop the duplicates on top of each other. 


If you accidentally drop the wrong people on top of each other, simply click “unlink” to unstack the profiles.


Once you are done stacking the duplicates together, click the "Merge Duplicates" button. You will then be taken to the merge comparison page to complete the merges.

"Merge This Profile"

You may also manually merge duplicate profiles within your tree and also any duplicate public profile outside of your tree by using the "Merge This Profile" feature under the "Actions" tab. (Tip: View the other profile first to ensure that it appears on your list of recently viewed profiles.)

  • Go to the profile you want to merge. 
  • Click on "Actions".
  • Click on "Merge This Profile".
  • Search for the duplicate by typing in the person's name. 
  • Click on "Compare Profiles".
  • Compare the profiles if they are the same person, click on "Yes, request to merge". If they are not the same person, click on "No, they're different" or "I'll decide later".

Tree Matches


You may also merge profiles through tree matches (Pro feature). Tree matches are possible matching profiles found on other tree branches on Geni. You may also view your list of tree matches in your Merge Center. Tree matches are a Pro feature. You can read more about working with tree matches in our FAQ - How to: Use Tree Matches

For more information regarding Merging, please visit the following project.

Note: As of November 28, 2012, merging is free! Please note Tree Matches are still a Pro feature.

Updated: October 15, 2020

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