Invalid result from merger

I'm new go Genicom.

I started by adding my personal data, Jos Boers, born in 1952
Then I added the names of my father and mother (Albrecht Boers, Madeleine Leyssen) and of my grandparents (Joseph Boers, Madeleine Apers)
Next step was to upload a GEDCOM-file from another project.
I got a message that there was a record match for my grandmother from the site of Barend Wurms, which I accepted.
The result is very wrong, now my grandmother is my spouse and I'm not able to remove this relationship. It should be like this, my grandmother Madeleine Apers on top and myself "Jozef Albrecht Boers" at the bottom but not married to Madeleine Apers. I tried to remove the relationschip between me and my "spouse Apers" but this didn't work 

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