Is there a bug or glitch in the system?

Hi there - I am so so fed up ! Please answer me back!

 In relation to what I think might be a bug: I think there is a bug in the system, as I cannot get into a profile that I am sure I have had managers rights on in the past?

I also collaborated with the manager there. It is of Maryna Pieterse and her profile needs to be merged, as it seemed to be a duplicate.

I cannot get in there, as the program tells me ''system error'' and that I am not allowed to see/ work on her there. What is going on?

Also - the lines that draw the blocks for the tree seems ''to hang in the air'' ; see Henry Coombes and to his left ???

Please help. I have now contacted several curators and they don't know what to do.

Thanks Wilma Basson


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