My account disappeared

Hello, I started an account yesterday, confirmed my email, and found my relatives. I used your internal messaging system to reach out the managers of the family history or whatever letting them know who I am and everything. When I went to log in today, I have no account? I have the emails from yesterday from you that show the process of me setting up my account and confirming everything. Is it a system issue and my account can be recovered so I can see if they respond or did they just block me or ban me because they don't want to know me or whatever? Probably the latter. I've never had family so, I'm not sure why I even looked in the first place. I was just curious if you could help me understand what happened. The email I used to setup the account yesterday is the same one I used to setup a new one today to send you this request. benjaminnelson1@outlook.com. Thanks. Have a great day.


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